Once Again The Daily News Response

Once again the Daily News is attacking the Independence Party without giving you the full story. My name is Michael Zumbluskas and I am a longtime member of the Independence Party and before that United we stand America. Which of both offshoots of the 1992 Ross Perot campaign. When they say we stand for nothing that is a total fabrication. We do have a platform and we do have people in the party that believe in that platform. Matter of fact I did submit an op-ed to the daily news defending the independence party but they refused to print it. Instead they told me I could write a letter to the editor of 150 words which was printed but could not convey all that needed to be said. I will reposted that op-ed on my State Senate website and Senate Facebook page.

Daily news has failed to tell you that the Independence party has members elected around the state and that I am running for state Senate as an Independence party member although I had been also cross endorsed by the Republicans. Plus that José Padilla Jr. is running only on the independence line for the 33rd Senatorial District. However the biggest omission is that Buffalo’s State Senator Mark Grisanti who voted to pass gay marriage as a Republican is now set to win reelection just on the independence party line alone.

So if you want less partisan bickering and more moderate government, then disregard the Daily News suggestion and do the opposite by voting for Gov. Cuomo on the Independence Line.

Recently appointed Independence Party’s New York County chairman and candidate for the 28th Senatorial District in Manhattan

Michael Zumbluskas

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