To save a New York City Tradition

Once again a small group wishes destroy a New York tradition in the name of humanity! I’m talking about the horse and carriage industry around Central Park. The anti-horse and carriage groups wants New York City to ban this iconic business. They make the point that it is dangerous for these noble creatures to share the streets of New York with automobiles buses and trucks. They worry that the horses will be spooked by the noise and the vehicles themselves. Though it hasn’t happened often some forces have been spooked can thus injured and even rarer circumstances killed. Also they feel that the stables do not provide a suitable living arrangements for these majestic creatures.

On this point I will give them some credit, though the horses were well care for in the current living space. However I think that killing an industry that brings joy and happiness to the owners and its customers is totally uncalled for. Why should we end the joy of a woman being proposed to or the wonderment of the child who can see and touch a horse for the first time? There is another way to accomplish what these concerned people as inhumane conditions yet still preserve this wonderful industry.

This is why I’m proposing a compromise position that can satisfy the concerns of the anti-horse and carriage people while preserving this institution:

  1. That we sell the current stables to a developer who will then build a state-of-the-art stables in central Park itself. This facility will have a small padlock so the horses will be able to stretch their legs why they are not working. The stables can become a tourist attraction where parents can bring their kids to see these majestic animals run within the padlock itself. There can be a small concession stand for the kids can buy carrots or other treats for the horses which will help generate money for the maintenance of this facility.
  2. The horse and carriages will then be limited to the park and Central Park South. This way the horses will not have to face the hustle and bustle of our New York City streets.
  3. Along Central Park South we will build a carriage Lane to help protect the horses from the traffic that runs along Central Park South.

This simple solution will preserve for our future generations this wonderful experience of a horse and buggy ride without having to go to a farm in upstate New York. It will save the jobs of our carriage drivers and the people that work in the stables. While limiting any danger these magnificent creatures might face.

So I appeal to you Mayor DeBlasio, and City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito please consider this practical solution to solve this controversy and save this New York City tradition for years to come.

Michael K. Zumbluskas

State Executive Committee Member of the Independence Party of New York

New York Senate Candidate 28th District in Manhattan endorsed by both Independence and Republican parties

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