Student Loans

I favor all efforts to help hard-working students who wish to further their lives through education.  I support the governor’s program to provide free tuition to state schools.  CUNY offers generous help, and I believe CUNY mainly has to focus on giving a better education.  One main concern I have is the exorbitant charging of interest on student loans.  It’s bad enough that students have to take out loans to pay for honorable education pursuits; add very high interest rates on top of those.  Both state and federal government should support students by heavily controlling and maybe also subsidizing interest rates that students pay.  Perhaps the federal government should provide loans at zero interest rates.  This is the least it can do to help out people for doing the right thing in going to college.  While zero interest rates are ideal, let’s at least ensure that students pay no more than the consumer price index, which of course has been over 2% for many years.  With such low inflation, why should any student pay 8%, 12%, or 15% on loans?  This is terribly unfair.  Furthermore, I believe tuition and interest should be tax-deductible as a way of supporting our youth in becoming educated and becoming a vital part of our community.