Practicality over ideology

In today’s world of politics it seems ideology trumps practicality at turn! We have forgotten the wisdom that our forefathers poured into our Constitution. They realized that our 13 colonies were diverse in both ideology in needs. Or forefathers were made up of Catholics and Protestants and Jews, Masons in non-Masons, small farmers and plantation owners, city dwellers to mountain men.

This is why they created the United States as a representative democracy and gave broad powers to each individual state. Plus divided the federal government into three branches thus creating a checks and balances system. Morris, Jefferson, Adams, Pain and the other framers inherently understood that one group could and should not impose its will upon the entirety of this new nation! Even within each of the branches of this new government they divided its power. And it seems that a large number of our elected officials today either completely ignore or do not understand the concept of the United States of America. The extremes of both of the ruling parties today do not want compromise but just impose their will on everyone!

We see this firsthand every day here in New York City. From those that want to eliminate the Central Park horse-drawn carriages to not allowing kids to set up lemonade stands. This is all in the name of safety and public health! Yes it is noble to try to prevent injury or death however it is unrealistic goal because mistakes happen and accidents will never be eliminated just because you want them to. The bigger problem is these do-gooders always seem to ignore the actuarial numbers. For they are driven by pure emotion in reality be damned!

The laws and regulations that they pass and impose on the citizens of this city add billions to the cost of our government with the regulations causing both financial and legal headaches for the small businesses throughout this great city. The biggest of these is our housing market.

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